• AAA Large/Complex arbitration – sole arbitrator on high-stakes arbitration involving allegations of breach of agreement by Respondent for the development, transformation, and implementation of technically complex software platform solutions intended for the administration of Claimant company’s property and casualty insurance business.

  • ICC international arbitration involving multi-million dollar claims and requested injunctive relief in connection with the alleged breach of technology agreements, wrongful use of licensed technology and know how, and misappropriation of trade secrets, relating to the manufacture and sale of high-tech mineral-based products.

  • Mediation between International/US parties of claims relating to design, construction, installation, and integration of C02 to Methanol Process Unit.

  • Chair of Large/Complex ICDR arbitration involving issues of breach of contract and warranties in connection with the design, manufacture and delivery of a technologically sophisticated surveillance camera and ground station hardware and software systems for military aviation uses.

  • Large/Complex AAA case involving allegations of fraud (forgery), conversion; demand for accounting in connection with purchase and sale of paintings.

  • Large/Complex ICDR case involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, unjust enrichment, fraud, declaratory relief and an accounting in connection with licensing agreements.

  • Mediation/Arbitration of Celebrity Product Endorsement Contract involving breach of contract, damage computation, and licensing issues.

  • Large/Complex Arbitration involving music and video copyrights and distribution right, accountings and royalties.

  • Large/Complex cases under the Federal Communications Commission Special Order involving the price terms and conditions of final offers for the carriage of Regional Sports Networks programming by local multi-channel video programming distributors.

  • Large/Complex case involving toy licenses and damage computation, loss of revenues, damage to reputation, defamation.

  • Multi-million dollar case involving breach of insurance company’s obligation to fund motion picture production and related counterclaims.

  • Large/Complex dispute involving breach of clothing company agency and related agreements and counterclaims.

  • Arbitration/Mediation of dispute involving breach of contract, reversion of rights and settlement of monies in connection with the distribution of a motion picture.

  • Large/Complex arbitration involving pay television company agency and related agreements and counter/cross claims.

  • Arbitration of Bank and Completion Bond Company dispute.

  • Numerous arbitrations of cases involving breach of contractual in connection with both Domestic and International Licensing Agreements relating to Intellectual Properties and Copyright Claims.

  • Numerous arbitrations involving preliminary issues of Discovery and Procedure including jurisdiction and competence of arbitration panel.

  • Numerous arbitrations relating to the production, financing and/or distribution of motion pictures and television programming in various media including theatrical, non-theatrical, pay and free television, home video as well as allied and ancillary rights such as music publishing, theatrical and literary rights.

  • Numerous arbitrations involving administrative and procedural issues that concern default judgments relating to international distribution contracts.

  • Arbitration involving disputes between HMO and medical services providers.

  • Numerous arbitrations relating to pay television rules and regulations.

  • Arbitration involving Master Mortgage Loan Warehousing and Security Agreement.

  • Large/Complex ICDR arbitration for declaratory and injunctive relief relating to the assignability of Health Care Consumer Products US Patent claims release (valued at up to $15 Billion).

  • Large/Complex AAA arbitration involving breach of contract and damages relating to the license of automobile dealership software and computer services.

  • Large/Complex AAA arbitration involving breach of contract and damages relating to the license of health care and hospital management software and computer services.

  • Large/Complex arbitration relating to the license of internet travel industry software and hardware used in connection with user search, price comparison and purchase activities. Issues include permitted discovery, unjust enrichment, net revenue calculations and allegations of overpayments. Motions in limine, motions for partial summary judgment.

  • Large/Complex ICDR arbitration involving breach of Introducing Broker Agreement and damages relating to customer accounts in connection with spot Foreign Currencies Trades/Forex.

  • ICDR cases relating to ICANN gTLD String Confusion.

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