What are colleagues and counsel saying about Stephen Strick?

After spending so many long days together with you “in the trenches” on this matter, I admire your attention to all the details and your extreme courtesy and graciousness toward all the parties, witnesses and counsel.”

"Truely one of the very best there is."

"Stephen Strick is one of the smartest arbitrators I have ever worked with."

"Careful but decisive."

"First rate from start to finish."

"Thank you very much for your hard work and diligence - we are truly appreciative."

"I feel very satisfied about yesterday's mediation.  Thank you for your leadership."

"Thank you Mr. Strick, for your dedicated and diligent work throughout this arbitration.  Frankly, it was your reasoned, detailed interim award that prompted both sides to come to this settlement."

"You are by far one of the best arbitrators I ever saw in action.  I've gotten a number of requests for referrals over the years and your name is always on the list."