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Los Angeles Arbitration

Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution that uses a neutral third party to determine the outcome of the dispute. The parties involved in the dispute use an arbitrator to come to a binding final resolution. The goal of arbitration is to obtain a fair resolution by using a neutral party.  By using an experienced arbitrator in Los Angeles, you’ll find your dispute resolution to be efficient, private, convenient, flexible, and final.

Stephen S. Strick is a well-established and experienced Arbitration Specialist.  He has been a part of over two hundred and fifty Commercial, domestic, and International arbitrations. He has worked with parties in multiple industries, including technology, media, licensing, FCC matters, sports, healthcare, and more. Mr. Strick has exclusively devoted his professional practice to dispute resolution.

As a neutral arbitrator in the Los Angeles area and a member of several panels for arbitrators including the ICDR, AAA, and more, Stephen S. Strick pledges to act with complete impartiality and neutrality toward the parties.  He pledges to apply the rules chosen by the parties, conduct all phases of the hearings with professionalism and due respect, and provide a fair and full hearing of the issues presented by the parties.

Benefits of Arbitration in the Los Angeles area:

  • Both parties can keep the dispute private and out of the public eye.

  • Both parties can avoid costly discovery.

  • The cost of litigation, as opposed to arbitration, could exceed the value of the case.

  • The parties can maintain a healthy business relationship

  • Arbitration can be beneficial if negotiations have broken down and settlement appears to be heading nowhere.

  • Arbitration can be helpful if liability is clear, but both parties cannot agree on the damages needed to settle the case.

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